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Welcome to the BannerBlind project.
BannerBlind is a Mozilla and Mozilla Firebird extension that can hides images (particularly advertising banners) by sizes. If you want an ad blocker that filter images by URL, try adBlock.


2003-08-21: BannerBlind now supports Mozilla Firebird and has its code optimized. Thanks to clav and cdn for these!

2003-08-21: The project has a new contributor: clav.

2003-08-09: JavaScript Manager, a very crude utility for enabling JavaScript on a per-site basis, is now available at the installation page.

Things to do before 1.0 release

Sorry we can't fix the problem of hiding embeded media after they are loaded right now, but we are running under limited resources.

  • Fuzzy banner blocking
  • Add uninstall button (future)
  • Improve the documentation
  • Improve this website :)

Things to do before 1.01 release

  • context menu to add new image size to BannerBlind (bug 1895)

Things planned for version 2.0

  • Remove blocked media before they are loaded (bug 1982)
  • Remove blocked media in mail/news messages
  • Pattern-based media blocking
  • Better tabbed browser support

We need your help

If you have any suggestions on how to make it better, or if you can contribute with the project with anything, please be our guest =)

Currently we need help with the localization of Bannerblind, and if you know JavaScript, XUL, XPI... you can help us in the fix of our open bugs.

Our contacts:

Fabricio Campos Zuardi (Project Owner)
ICQ: 5013001
Yahoo Messenger: fzuardi

clav (Contributor)

Daniel Wang (Contributor)

You can also visit our newsgroup.

Lang packs zh-CN, da-DK, sl-SI, en-GB, nl-NL, and pl-PL checked in.
Mozilla Firebird support added
clav joined the project!
JavaScript Manager added

The bannerblind project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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